Sunday, 27 January 2013

Saturday's escape....


Old Wood in Dalkeith 
...yesterday it was a lovely sunny day...
....just prefect for exploring this most interesting woodland... was a bit muddy, but we couldn't spare ourselves the fun of jumping over the puddles and slipping on the slopes..... so much fun :) are a few photos.... 
...little details of nature....

:: I wish you all a lovely start of the week ::

Monday, 21 January 2013

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

....blogs..... why so many!?....

....I've been working on my blogs, portfolio, personal website, etc for more than two weeks now.... 
...they are coming together quite well I think, but I'm not fully satisfied with them yet....

....maybe it would be good if I explain ˝why so many blogs˝ ....isn't one enough?,.... NO!

:: 1 ::
  first of all I need a personal/professional/portfolio stile website mainly for 'getting the job' purposes
     - this site contains most importantly my CV and a variety of my best outtakes from my college work/projects, as well as some of my drawing, graphics and photography,... I believe this has to be included because this are my things of passion, I love to work on them in my free time and I would like to get really good at them

:: 2 ::  
secondly I would like to have a blog in which I can post and record my work and through that I can chronologically see my progress in different fields of work

:: 3 ::  
in the summer 2012 I started with my first blog e|scape|ologium.... as most of my things/projects work... I start something with loads of ideas, I toss everything on the paper or on post-it notes and after a few days I have a blackout and I can't work for a week or even few weeks, I can try and torture myself as much as I like but nothing will work,.... instead of working I go into thinking mode and one day it just opens up and bam everything is done in seconds,.... but this bam is painstaking to wait for....  this one wasn't an exception... moreover it was one of the worst ones.... I left everything as it was and worked on other stuff, then even the other stuff went into 'do not work, just think' mode and my December was a black and dim and 'I hate myself' month,... but January came and there was BAM!!! however the bam brought me to 8 blogs and one personal website,.... finally to explain 8 blogs! :

 :: A :: 
the main blog, the core of everything, so this is 
more of a post blog, bits and peaces of this and that, links to all the other blogs

 :: B ::
one blog is just for my Landscape Architecture thingies, more of a professional blog for my work

 :: C ::
one blog is reserved just for my favorite photography that I have taken and some of my drawings, illustrations, etc...
...I must add that this blog is designed in a favorite way of mine, blank, white and without all of the unnecessary junk just  to enjoy the photos as they are and to let your mind and imagination run free with its own interpretations, ideas, stories and observations,.... (*)

 :: D ::
a separate blog for graphics, patterns and this type of photographs 

 :: E ::
I decided to have a blog for daily posts of photos to keep me in shape... 'basically to force me to post something every day',... to keep me going! so this is

and :

 :: F ::
this is a small and simple blog that is not connected to my work, but is just a collection of photos that I sometimes come across of things that love, like, adore, would love to have, make or be doing for the rest of my life if only I would not have to go to work, ever!! 

...then there are the last two blogs which are pretty much independent :

 :: G ::
me and my boyfriend Matjaz love to cook, so we designed a cute 'cooking page'

 :: H ::
from time to time we also travel or visit interesting places, so we decided to make a little record of where we were and where we drove our Zaza, so here is 

why are not all these blogs on one page?
BECAUSE it would be impossible to record every separate field for work which I am trying to master as well as they are chronologically recorded in separate blog sites..... furthermore, some of the themes are not connected and is better for them to be on separate pages/blogs,..... etc...

....but in the end maybe it is just me and my perfectionism and I'm just overdoing everything,.... here I am with my 8 lovely blogs :) ...
... well, basically blogs are more for me and my own observations and record, but as they are (will be one day) public they may give you some pleasant moments and views strolling through them and that will make me even more happy.....

....and we lived happily ever after....

* I believe that photographs do not need names, titles, quotes or descriptions! it is your mind and imagination that makes a story for each and every photograph (or drawing, painting, illustration)..... that is the charm and secret of photos, nobody sees and understands a photo like you do and I would not like to spare you that privilege....  hence there are no titles or descriptions on this blog.... enjoy!